Home Automation: Smart socket-outlets and light switches  — 2015
New product development of a novel family of smart products
Augmented Reality Smart Glasses — 2018
Engineering development of professional-grade augmented reality smart glasses
Premium compact digital camera — 2010
Conceptualising research outcomes into compelling designs with strong and differentiated value propositions.
Next-generation vacuum cleaners — 2011
Innovation project bringing to life insightful propositions for next-generation cylinder and robotic vacuum cleaners.
Entry-level GSM mobile phone — 2012
Designing a family of entry-level GSM mobile phone concepts for one of the world's leading manufacturers of telecommunications equipment.
Kitchen appliances — 2012
New product development across food mixer and food preparation categories for a world famous kitchen brand.
Opioid addiction treatment strategy — 2007
Improving Opioid Substitution Therapy (OST) to help alleviate the health and social impact of opioid addiction.
Responsible self-medication — 2007
Exploring consumer behaviour, attitudes and perceptions for the leading provider of OTC medications.
Periodontal disease diagnostic system — 2007
Devising platforms for the implementation of a novel technology for the assessment and monitoring of gum disease.
Nasal spray for allergic rhinitis (AR) — 2012
Enhancing the usability of a prescription-only intranasal steroid (INS) for a world-leading healthcare company.
Surgical instrument reader — 2002
Developing a handheld surgical instrument reader for the identification, tracking and traceability of surgical instruments within hospitals.
Ambulatory oxygen therapy system — 2006
Implementing next generation technology to improve patient adherence and quality of life on long-term oxygen therapy (LTOT).
Drug delivery device for diabetes — 2006
Developing an inventive delivery device for a new, once-daily drug for the treatment of type 2 diabetes.
Advanced fertility monitoring system — 2007
Providing decision-making frameworks for the development of an emerging fertility monitoring technology.
2020: Future health and personal care strategy — 2007
Looking into the future of health and personal care within the themes of new communities, sustaining loyalties and global responsibility.
Health technology strategy — 2008
Enhancing the translation of pre-commercial medical devices/technologies into innovative products for the NHS.
2030: Low-carbon healthcare — 2009
Exploring the long-term measures required to maintain a quality health service in the face of climate change.
Chronic care management — 2011
Defining a 'digital health' product-service system to help improve the effectiveness of existing pharmaceutical treatments.
Monitored Dosage System (MDS) — 2007
Transforming a market-leading medication storage, handling and administration system.
Memory Clinics — 2008
Service transformation to proactively encourage the maintenance of mental acuity.
Delivery device for synthetic bone graft substitute — 2008
Design and development, through to manufacture, of a premium delivery device for a world leader in synthetic bone graft technologies.
Legionella control and monitoring system — 2009
Developing a cost-effective and fully automated wireless legionella control system to test and monitor water delivery temperature.
Laparoscopic access port — 2009
New product development of an advanced, novel access port for minimally invasive surgery.
Electronic Assistive Technology (EAT) — 2003
The design and manufacture of a range of environmental control and communication aids for the disabled, elderly and severely handicapped.
Cell therapy : chronic wound care applicator — 2006
Creating an inventive, easy to use applicator for the leading developer of regenerative medicine products.
Servo and motion control drives — 2005
Product refresh for a leading supplier of intelligent drives for commercial and industrial motor control applications.
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